Soap Fairy's Magical Creations
Arran Soaps


What are the little items in the soap bar made of?

All the little items (fish, shells, boats, birds, mermaid tails…) within the soap bars are made of soap. You need not be worried that you might scratch your skin with something hard.

What colours do you use?

They are mica pigments, widely used in the cosmetic industry.


As glycerin soaps draw moisture from the air they have to be wrapped. For my soaps I recycle the see-through wrappers you get on birthday cards. Alternatively I use plant derived cellophane / plant derived fully compostable films.

Why has water appeared on the surface of the soap?

Are there beads of liquid on your melt and pour soap, or do the bars look powdery? Are they slippery and wet to the touch? This is a common reaction referred to as “sweating” or “glycerin dew.” So don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your soap. The glycerin in melt & pour soaps attract the moisture from the air which forms tiny droplets on the surface of the soap.